UV-cleaned hand sanitation environment

How Scrubzone works

We live in a world of germs and the skin on our hands is the first defence that we have against infection from harmful organisms. Removing human error from the hand washing process increases its effectiveness.

  • A UV light is embedded in the wash chamber killing all bacteria and viruses.
  • As your hands enter the machine, a 10 or 20 second cycle automatically starts by the means of an infrared sensor.
  • A small amount of soap and water mixture gets released into the machine.
  • As you run your hands around the rotating bristle brush the dirt, bacteria and pathogens on your skin get scrubbed away.
  • The hand dryer activates towards the end of the cycle and the cycle is complete.
  • You may then remove your sterilized hands and return to your occupation.


  • Dimensions: 859mm H x 500mm W x 350mm D
  • Weight: 50 kg / 110 Pounds (excluding soap)
  • Can be easily adjusted after Factory Setting by Cycle Activation.
  • Hand wash compliance monitor: Hand wash cycle counter
  • Water Consumption: 350ml/11.8Fl.Oz. per 9sec cycle
  • Water Pressure Required: Between 200 – 600 Kpa
  • Water Inlet: 21mm/0.5In male (G ½” – ½” BSP)
  • Drain: 50mm/2In dia PVC tube
  • Geyser/Water Heater: 10l / 2.5 Gl instant warm water
  • Electrical: 220V 20 Amps RSA Standard / 110V 20 Amps US Standard
  • Soap Storage: 5l replaceable soap drums
  • Soap Solution: Solutions provided or approved by Scrubzone ONLY
  • Soap consumption: 2ml per 9sec cycle
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Scrubzone needs a water supply, power supply, waste point and a wall to be mounted on. The machine can be installed by our approved Scrubzone electricians and plumbers. You can also install the Scrubzone yourself. It’s easy to install and an instruction manual will be included.

Scrubzone requires a dedicated power source 110V(USA)/220V(RSA), pressurized water (450kpa-600kpa), dedicated drainage outlet and ample space for the units dimensions.

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