Let's revolutionize hand washing.

Cleaning our hands involves touching washroom facilities which can be contaminated.

Scrubzone ensures clean dry hands without having to touch anything other than this revolutionary hand washing machine.

With the old-fashioned way of hand washing, a large amount of drinking water is wasted.

Using anti-bacterial soap and only three cups of water, our specially designed brush and airblower washes and dries your hands. When unused, it cleans itself with UV-light. Maintaining a healthy hand sanitation environment.

Empty or broken towel dispensers, failing air blowers, bulging waste bins; we often impatiently walk away shaking our wet hands to dry.

Scrubzone offers consistent hygiene, decimating time spent washing hands in industrial scenarios. The machine has no buttons, and the hands are cleaned and dried in a single 15-second cycle.

save time

save water

clean hands


Available in every color.

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