Frequently asked questions considering the scrubzone

How much water is used per cycle?

350ml/1.5 Cups of water is used per cycle (Factory Setting)

How much soap is used per cycle?

2ml of soap gets used per cycle (Factory Setting)

Scrubzone installation requirements?

Scrubzone requires a dedicated power source 110V(USA)/220V(RSA), pressurized water, dedicated drainage outlet and ample space for the units dimensions.

What are the main benefits of a Scrubzone machine?

Scrubzone gives the user an effective wash every time, reducing the risk of spreading infections. Saving companies water and time and ensuring that basic hygiene is practiced.

Is Scrubzone safe?

We are CE approved. Please view our certificate by clicking the link.

What maintenance is required?

Scrubzone recommends monthly maintanance. A Scrubzone maintenance official will perform a check up on all moving parts within the unit. Depending on various factors, Scrubzone recommends the replacement of UV bulbs once annually.

Can any soap be used in the machine?

No. Scrubzone recommends only using Scrubzone approved soap with the correct Ingredients and viscosity.

How often do I need to replace the soap?

The Scrubzone machine takes a 5 litre container of Soap, which is sufficient for 2500 washes and normally people need to change the soap from once a week to once a month depending on the usage.

A box with 4 X 5 litre containers of soap normally last 1 or 2 months.

How do I order a Scrubzone unit?

Contact a Scrubzone representative via the website. She/he will then schedule a location assessment; discuss the number of units needed and place an order for them. Installation is included with every unit.


How does Scrubzone compare to Hand Sanitizer?

Our Machine washes your hands properly and should be placed at the entrance to each facility,kitchen,school,hospital,toilet etc. Whilst a sanitizer only kills the bacteria and viruses on your hands and always leaves a sticky residue behind, so it can be used in conjunction with our machine or on its own within various places around the factory or super market, but it never cleans your hands.