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Scrubzone Europe

Scrubzone Europe started about 3 years ago. We have done several projects in cooperation with Scrubzone Africa and Scrubzone America. The Scrubzone is manufactured in the Netherlands. This way we can guarentee the operational reliability.

With a big team of professionals we can assist you with every question considering the Scrubzone and realize custom solutions. Like a boiler build in the scrubzone for hot water, a personal registration system, etc. The Scrubzone is equiped with WIFI, so updates or adjustments can be done from a distance.

The installastion of the Scrubzone can be done by us, but mounting of the Scrubzone is so easy you can also do it yourself.  The manual will ofcourse be included.

Scrubzone Europe also offers a constant maintenance service, where the Scrubzone will be watched from a distance with the WIFI connection. We will also replace the soap dosage before it has run out.


  • Every wash is effective, reducing human error and the risk of spreading infectious bacteria..
  • Reduces WATER usage by up to 75% vs manual washing. Scrubzone uses 350ml of water per cycle compared to the average 3-5 liters of water that gets used per normal manual wash.
  • Reduces SOAP usage by 80% vs manual washing. Scrubzone uses 3ml of soap per cycle compared to the average 15ml of soap per manual wash.
  • Reduces TIME by 85% vs manual washing. Scrubzone cycles are set to 9 seconds compared to the average 60 seconds used for a normal manual wash.
  • Every wash is effective, reducing the risk of spreading infections.
  • Can be designed to fit into most areas, inside or outside, and in any décor/design.
  • Easy to install & maintain
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